No One To Vote For

As we head into a provincial election, I hear once again the voices of people saying they are tired of their politicians and because of that, there is no point in voting. Some claim that spoiling a ballot is a powerful message to those in power. Others will just stay home, suggesting that nothing changes anyhow.
Here's the thing. If you don't make a choice, a choice will be made for you. If you don't vote, you don't have a voice.
If you can't vote for, the vote against. Find the one candidate you hate less than all the others and support them. That will achieve far more than a spoiled ballot and a hell of a lot more than staying at home. Sure, you won't have all that you desire, but you will have a voice and you will have used it.
And if, or when, that person that you hated least of all does get into office and they aren't living up to your expectations, you can call them and say, "I voted for you and here's what I want you to do for me." And if the other lizard gets in (hat tip to Douglas Adams), you will still be part of the democratic process and still justified to tell your local politician what you want, minus the "I voted for you" part.
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