Despicable Me Minion Rush Bonus Codes

I've got two kids who are huge fans of the tablet game, Minion Rush, also known as Despicable Me and, of course, based on the animated movie by the same name. It's a great little game where you control one of Gru's minions as he races around various locations such as Gru's labs, the beach, the mall, or downtown suberbia, collecting bananas a doing despicable things. The latter essentially involves knocking other minions around and off the running platforms. You get to face off against other villains like Vector, El Macho, and an evil little girl named Meena attacking you with robotic cookies. There are powerups that turn you into a giant Mega Minion thereby allowing you to be extra despicable, a freeze ray that makes it possible to crash through any obstacle, a banana vaccuum, and even a fluffy unicorn you can ride up, up, and away while collecting a whole whack of bananas. 

It's pretty awesome, really! Okay, maybe I like it a little bit too. 

There's a lot more to the game it but if you are reading this, you already know all this. You're here looking for freebies!

All  right then . . . if you click the setup icon (the gear at the top of the home screen), then click on the gift box on the following page, you'll be presented with a series of wheels you can turn to enter gift codes.

Getting the right code consists of scrolling up or down and getting the right combination of Minions to unlock a handful of perks. There's Baby Minion, Daddy Minion, Golfer Minion, Maid Minion, Hula Minion, Firefighter Minion, and just plain old regular Minion. Given three wheels and six minions per wheel, you only need to go through 120 different combinations to get your set of perks. My son really wanted the free gifts so I set about going through all 120 combinations. And you can too!

Or you can cheat. And use these. So click on each image in the collection, line up your Minions, and collect your free Minion Rush gifts.  Just click on each image below for a larger version and get your perks now.

You're welcome!  


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