Distro hopping . . . again. Hello openSUSE!

I'm sharing this with my Linux and free software friends because I know they'll understand.
Well, I've done it again.
It seems I can't stick with a Linux distribution on my primary desktop for any length of time before I feel the need to share my home directory with another. To all the distributions I've loved before, it's nothing personal. To my most recent fling, Netrunner, you were slick and friendly, but just not enough to keep me entertained. And before that, Linux Mint . . . we've been together enough times that you know I'll come back at some point. Kubuntu? You know I feel the same about you and we'll be together again in a few months. You and I have been together on and off so many times, I just know you're okay with this. I'll see you soon. Right now, I just feel the need to apt-out and turn up the rpm for a change. Sorry, Fedora . . . it's been a while, but I'm just not ready. Not yet. RedHat? CentOS? Isn't enough that I install you on servers? We don't talk much and I don't take you /home, but we work together every day. 
You understand . . . I love you all.  I just can't seem to commit.
And so, hello openSUSE. Let's see what you've got.
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