Taking Over The United States

The year is certainly starting off with a good dose of insanity. Yes, America . . . we Canadians have been planning the takeover of the United States all along, and Obama is just another Canadian puppet. We already rule your media and entertainment industries and soon, after Obama starts 'managing' the alien invasion, we'll launch our final attack. On television, of course. Check out the interview with professional conspiracy theorist, Craig Garrow.

Oh, and did I mention there will be aliens? I did?

Meanwhile, over on eBay, the Zombie Apocalypse has officially begun. Seems a guy in Indiana has been convicted of stealing brains from a museum and selling them on, yes, eBay. Incidentally, I was just kidding about the Zombie Apocalypse; that's just a story. And even if it wasn't, there wouldn't be anything to worry about, as I explained here.

Day two of 2014 started out pretty chilly. Maybe there's a coincidence.


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