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I want to create a Website, unless one already exists and maybe even if it does, that tracks upcoming apocalypses (or is it apocalypsii?) so that we can turn the end of the world into a spectator sport of sorts. This is a lot more clever than you probably think it is, and likely to become really big and makes piles of money, and let me tell you why. 

You could use the Apocalypticalendar (that's what I'm calling it), which would of course have a really cool mobile app to go with it, to figure out when the next major End of Times was coming. For the idio^h^hetc-faithful, it would make it easier to plan for the rapture or whatever. For the not-so-gullible, the site (and patent-pending app) would present an easy way to plan parties. Best of all, they could be themed-parties. If an asteroid was about to crash into us — not a regular asteroid, mind you, but one populated by hyper-spiritual space aliens looking to save 144,000 of the world's best-looking people. The upside of this particular end-of-times scenario is that because all the really sexy people are gone, everyone else dying won't seem like such a bad thing. But I digress . . . the theme of the party in question would be 'getting ugly' and everybody would go to the party wearing yesterday's clothes, not having showered, and with their hair a total mess. And it would be cool. 

See? Ready made excuses to party with no planning to do because the Apocalypticalendar (maybe I'll just call Apocalyptical for short) would have every major End of Times event until . . . well, the end of time. Another great thing about the site (patent pending) is that it could claim to be 100% accurate by including the inevitable swallowing up of the Earth by an expanding sun a couple billion years from now. That particular party would be a bitch to plan for but I expect the site to still be popular for at least a billion years to come. 

So where to start . . . the sun's about to flip its magnetic field and some people think that will kill us, even though it happens every 11 years or so. There's an asterioid heading this way in another 20 years or so but that's a little too far off. We need a good apocalypse to get us started now. And that's why I'm opening it up to you now. 

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