Notebooks. With Linux. Pre-installed.

Tomorrow morning, I’m giving a talk/tutorial at the IT360 Conference in Toronto. The subject is getting a Linux notebook (or laptop, if you prefer) to do it all. I should point out that I did not choose this topic. Evan Leibovitch, a great FOSS guy, asked me if I would tackle this one. The reason I find it difficult is that I don’t think it’s that big a deal to get Linux running on a notebook. Any notebook. Of course, the real reason, the ONLY reason Windows might be easier to install is that most people NEVER install it. It comes pre-installed. If people had to install Windows every time they bought a computer, this whole “Windows is easier” discussion would die a quick and horrific death. R.I.P. Ah, heck. Just rest. I don’t care if it’s in peace.

So how can you make the Linux notebook easier? Answer: Buy the notebook with Linux pre-installed. Here’s a very short list of vendors who sell Linux notebooks. In no particular order, here are five:

  • RedSeven PCs
  • Emperor Linux
  • Linux Certified
  • R-Cubed Technologies
  • System 76
  • Oh, and here’s a sixth, Dell Computers

    This is just a sampler. There are tons of dealers who will sell you a notebook computer with Linux pre-installed. Got another? Tell me, and the world, about your favorite!

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