Burning a live Linux CD using Windows

So you’ve decided to give Linux a try using one of the many fine live CDs. You’ve downloaded a CD or DVD image and now you need to burn it to a disk. But how? I could try to be funny here and tell you that the best way to burn a CD is using Linux, but I won’t [ insert appropriate smiley here ]. After all, you’re still running Windows and, for now at least, you just want to test drive Linux. Fair enough. Here’s how you do it.

If your system has a CD or DVD burner, it came with some kind of package that lets you burn the Ubuntu image to a blank CD. If you don’t have a program to burn a CD image, or you simply can’t find one with your system, I’m going to recommend that you check out Alex Feinman’s ISO Recorder program. The program is available from the following address.


The program is simplicity itself. After you’ve downloaded and installed the program, ISO images appear in your Windows Explorer file manager (or on your desktop) as a CD icon with the letters ISO across it. Simply right-click the image and select Copy Image to CD from the pop-up menu. A CD Recording Wizard appears to guide you through the remaining steps (see figure below).

ISO Recorder makes it incredibly easy to burn ISO images to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. (click the above for a larger image)

Despite having a couple of other CD burning programs on my test Windows system, I nevertheless always use Alex’s program to burn ISO images. I do it because it’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s free.

Note: The above is largely an excerpt from chapter 21 of my book, Moving to Free Software.

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