Big network changes coming up!

Yes, this is just a bit of administrivia, but I think you are all going to like it. As those of you who were there for Tuesday night’s chat already know, I am in the process of moving all of the domains and service that I use off site. Currently, the,, and a few other domains that I support are all being served up from my home office. This has worked out well and it has given me physical access to my server for these past few years, access that has been invaluable in creating the various Websites, the Web-based fora (or forums) on (and the many Linux articles there), the IRC chat server, the WFTL-LUG and WFTL-ANNOUNCE mailing lists, and so on.

The big reason for the move, quite frankly, is that the current setup is costing me a lot, just over $300 per month and with this new service I can reduce that by half. That’s where I benefit the most. The benefit to all of you who use these services is that the throughput on the new server will just from 1.5 megabit to 10 megabits per second. The dedicated server on which the various services run is also twice as fast (CPU-wise) as what I currently have. To put it another way, it’s going to be screaming fast in comparison.

Anyhow, this changeover isn’t going to come without a little disruption over the next couple of days. Tonight, I’m migrating the DNS, but not the sites or the e-mail lists. You may still experience some network outages when trying to access either the list or the Websites as the DNS changes are propagated. Tomorrow night, I’ll move the remaining Websites and by Monday, all of the e-mail lists should have been moved as well.

Your patience while I do all this is appreciated. Take care out there.

— Marcel

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