Call for Help taping today

This morning I drove into Toronto to tape a couple of episodes of Call for Help (speaking of which, there's a surprise at the end of the blog entry for all you WFTL-LUG members).

As usual, I had a lot of fun there with Leo, Amber, Sean, Mikey, and the rest of the gang. It's a good crowd that likes tech and it shows. I even got to meet Mr. Excel. But I digress . . . you probably want to know about the shows themselves.

The first show I did was about Konqueror. I wanted to cover all the cool things it does, beyond popup blocking and tabbed browsing — namely network browsing, media browsing, split windows, terminal emulator access in the file manager, application access, system settings, and more. I did get to cover quickie searches (gg:, ggg:, imdb:, dict:,ad:, etc) however so all was not lost. As sometimes happens, you get so caught up in chatting that the six or seven minutes you've got disappear in a flash. There were also problems with the video driver, one of the cameras died, and other little things that made it take a lot longer than it should.

The second show was totally textbook and went off without a hitch. I showed Leo applications that allow easy browsing and access to Windows shared drives from a Linux system. To do this, I demonstrated the process using Konqueror, Nautilus, and the amazing Smb4K. It was a great segment that truly showed the power and elegance of Linux. That special treat? Well, click on this link to see a little video I captured of Leo and co-host Amber. Listen closely to what they say.

Enjoy! — Marcel

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