AI-written Post on Pool Noodles

Just for fun, I decided to use a GPT-3 powered AI writer to create a blog post about pool noodles. You are about to read that post. The only thing I fed to it was the following: “Pool noodles are great summertime fun. They come in a variety of colours and sizes. Some are solid, and others are hollow.” As you may already know, I could have generated a hundred different outputs and picked the best, but I went with the first thing that came out. This is the result. Enjoy!

Pool noodles come in a variety of colours and sizes. All pool noodles are made from a durable and flexible material that is great for relaxing in the pool or using to dry off your feet after a swim. You can sit on them and float around the pool. There are also pool noodles that are hollow, which is perfect for using as a floatation device when diving.

Pool noodles are a very versatile tool that you can use in so many ways. They are particularly good for people with limited swimming space, like in a small apartment or guest room. Having a pool noodle on hand gives you the option of seating on the side of the pool. It also gives you the option of sitting and floating in the pool. The solid pool noodles are good for floating in the pool, while the hollow ones are good for storing in the pool. They come in a variety of colours, as well.

In the summertime, people often enjoy the water on a hot day, or they simply want to cool down. At these times, water toys come in handy. But when you’re trying to decide what to get, it can be difficult. Here is a blog on pool noodles that can help you out.

I like to think of pool noodles as a modern day novelty. For a small child, they are a toy. For an adult, they are a novelty. They can be used as a seat cushion, or they can be stuffed into a backpack or purse and used as a makeshift pillow. You can use them as a makeshift ladder and climb up a tree. They are a great addition to any pool party. You can also use them as a makeshift raft in the pool to float around and relax. If you’re not a big fan of wearing a swim cap, you can use them as a headband as well.

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