Heroes Like You

It seems so cliche to say it, but these are difficult times and 2020 has been one difficult time after another. Rather than provide a laundry list, I’ll let you fill those blanks in for yourself. Even as you try to ‘fight the good fight‘, it starts to seem hopeless and you may even find yourself questioning whether there’s any point in trying.

It’s good to step back and consider that there always needs to be an island of sanity in the raging sea of madness. Sometimes, it just seems so hopeless and you become convinced that the bad guys simply can’t be stopped. You wonder if it’s worth the trouble to even try. But every story needs a hero to see the world for what it is and to fight for a better future. Sure, being a hero can be a real bitch; you accumulate cuts and bruises, and you take regular beatings, but in the end, you are the hero.

When the current battle is won, though not necessarily (and almost never) the war, you find out that there were lots of other sane people around, heroes like yourself, sometimes toiling quietly in the background, nearly invisible, working hard to make their corner of the world a better place. Furthermore, they’ve also been waiting for another hero to show them that it’s okay to want to improve things for the greater good, and to show them that they aren’t working alone. We can not let the madness triumph. Perhaps we don’t need a “Justice Society” but that shouldn’t stop us from wanting to create a “just” society.

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