Desktop Linux Summit 2006 Video

Well, I’ve just returned from my first Desktop Linux Summit where I had a fantastic time. This event was held in San Diego, California, and on Monday of this week, I opened the show with a talk entitled “Desktop Linux : Barriers to Mass Adoption”. As it turns out, the show was videotaped and is available via a RealPlayer stream, so you do need to have a copy of RealPlayer on your system.

To view the video, do the following from the command line :


Or fire up RealPlayer from your menu and just open the above URL.

In one part of the talk, I refer to a ‘powerpoint’ presentation that I put up. Since the camera tracks me throughout the talk, you don’t get to see that (or anything else I show on the screen for that matter) so I’ve put that presentation up on my Website in HTML format. It’s called “Prior Art and The Turtle”. You can view that by clicking here.


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