The American Ethos of “No Man Left Behind” During COVID19

The American ethos of “no man gets left behind” is an enduring one. There are countless stories and movies built around that very theme: in America, no one gets left behind. No challenge is too great, and no price is too high, when it comes to making sure that our brothers and sisters come home safe. It’s amazing then, to consider how quickly many Americans are willing to sacrifice “a few hundred thousand people” for the sake of the economy.

How do you get from “no one” to “a few hundred thousand people” as Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert opined on Twitter. Adams isn’t a lone voice in this. He is joined by many others, including elected representatives like Trey Hollingsworth and even the president, Donald Trump think the ‘sacrifice’ is worth the economic benefit.

Lest you think it’s just these few rich guys, yesterday, there were protests against ‘social distancing’ across the country, and even death threats against those elected officials who want to preserve life, not sacrifice it on the altar of business.

Perhaps “Land of the Free” needs to make way for “Land of Moral and Ethical Contradictions.”

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