Photography Using Pixel’s Night Sight

A few minutes ago, we went out for a walk to the corner store. All four of us. It’s winter time in Canada, and it’s a little bit late, so it’s dark outside. On a lark, I decided to test the camera on my Pixel 2 phone. I did this because, just recently, there was an update to the software which included an update to the camera software called, “Night Sight”. Night site uses artificial intelligence to take a slightly longer exposure and rebuild the image in a way that lets you see more than you can under normal conditions, and frankly, with your own eyes.

So, this first picture is taken using the regular camera mode, which I should point out is actually quite good for taking photos at night . Assuming of course, that there is some amount of light. To test this out, I turned the camera down a park path which has no night time lighting.

So, here’s what the photo looks like using the regular camera mode.

Then, standing in the same spot, I switched to “Night Sight” and took the same shot.

I think you’ll agree that the results are nothing short of amazing. My son remarked that it looked like it was early morning, not the dark of night we stood in.

Artificial Intelligence gets a lot of press these days, sharing both nightmarish visions of the future alongside one so bright you need to wear shades. If this result is any indication of AI’s resl promise, I for one, welcome our AI overlords.

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