The Open Deity Project (ODP)

Creating The World’s First, and Best, Open Source God
To contribute, see the GitHub link at the bottom.

Today, I want to introduce you to the “Open Deity Project”. ODP will be a community built god and religion with a git repository for changes. The purpose of ODP is to give us all the chance to make the perfect god. We will do it by following a time honoured open source philosophies. Open the code. Share the code. Release early and release often!

Everyone is invited to work on creating the Open God. If you can’t help in the creation, you can elect to run (or worship) the new god, report bugs, or even write documentation. Working together, we could, in time, eradicate all the bugs in the god code and release a perfect God, one worthy of the millions of developers who would eventually work on him. Or her. Or it. The latter remains to be seen as god would no doubt evolve over time and over several releases.

We’d have people praying to an alpha release of god, with all the latest features but full of bugs, and the beta god which, while more stable, would still be too scary for the people who prefer a more stable god. Then, every few months, we’d have an upgrade to the new (more or less stable) god and people would learn the new prayers required to make the new god work properly.

Note that only stable releases of ODP would use the capital ‘G’ when referencing the $DEITY. Alpha and Beta releases would be referred to as ‘god’ while releases from the stable branch would be ‘God’.

As with all Open Source Projects, we need to look to the future. A little further down the line, when the god code inevitably gets forked, we could have a simpler version; a less powerful god with fewer options for people who like their gods to just work without too much twerking, er, I mean tweaking. The more knowledgeable, or geekier, worshippers could have a fully customizable god that can be controlled via a command line.

So join us. Help us create the perfect scripture, and the perfect God.

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