How to set up your own IRC server on Linux.

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for Cooking With Linux (without a net), sponsored and supported by Linux Journal to whom I am thankful. Also, if you’re seeing this, know that you are watching a recording of what was a live show. Speaking of which . . . You all know about Slack, right? Some of you are tied to it even now, unable to break free because that’s what your company runs. Not that there’s anything wrong with Slack, but long before Slack and others like it, there was another collaborative chat system and it’s still alive, even today. Yep, it’s IRC and today, I’m installing a server from scratch and connecting to it with an IRC client. And yes, I’ll do it all live, without a net, and with a high probability of falling flat on my face. Join me today, at 12 noon, Easter Time. Be part of the conversation.

ngircd is available from

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