“My God Is better than your God” is going to get us all killed.

"My God is better than your God" is going to get us all killed.

Surely, if there is a God, and his primary desire is that we are good people who lead good lives, then surely he does not require us to go through these mindless repetitive rituals, fawning over him like an insecure child. If there is a God, then surely he's not so petty that he's constantly worrying about whether Boris, or Ahmed, or Joe are praying in precisely the right manner, or whether Ayan or Naomi or Marsha are having sex in precisely the right way. If there is a God and he's as awesome as believers would argue, then surely he's got more important fish to fry. He doesn't need us to fight with each other over nonsense like how to interpret this line of ancient text or whether this particular body part should go in that other body part. He might, if he really is great, have already figured out that men and women are both human beings and of equal value since one cannot exist without the other (advancements in genetic science aside), and that we're all part of the same human family.

If God exists, he's a grown up. He is big enough to move out, get his own apartment, and live on his own. If he exists, he probably moved out ages ago and is living on the God version of an oceanside retirement villa. He's having grown up God fun, catching some rays, and is doing his best not to hover over the kids. So you see, we don't need to hate each other and argue with each other and kill each other over whether God can take care of himself. He's okay and he's having a better time than we are.

It's time to forget about God. Even if God exists, it's time to stop arguing about what God wants because he's busy playing celestial lawn bowling or something to that effect. It's time to do our best to live our lives as good human beings, taking care of each other, taking care of this planet, and doing the best we can to make this life as good as possible for each other. If there is a God, and his prime concern is that we lead good lives, then that's what he'd want. He'd want us to grow up as well.

Be honest, if your kids were perpetually at each other's throats, would you want to invite them to your retirement villa? Me neither.

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