Who’s Your Avatar, Baby?

After I have my lunch, I usually exercise for a few minutes while watching something on Netflix that Sally isn't going to watch with me anyhow; like The Guild which, as it turns out, is completely awesome. Kind of makes me wonder how I've never watched it before. But, as I often do, I digress . . . well, not really since I'm kind of still on the same subject even if it does seem like I wandered off. 

Anyhow, I can usually get a couple thousand steps on my Fitbit while I walk and watch, which probably means I'd be awesome at walking and chewing gum at the same time, except that I don't really chew gum anymore. I used to but I sort of got out of the habit, although I did chew some bubble gum recently because my son, who is seven years old, wanted to know how to blow bubbles. It turns out that although it's been years, I'm still really good at blowing bubbles. It must be a bit like riding a bike, which I still do, although not right now because it's winter and cold out . . . but in the spring, I'll get back on the bike and I bet that I can ride without holding the handlebars and not crash.

So, I've been watching The Guild and it made me wonder how many of the people in my circles do play role playing games online regularly, and how many of you have spent considerable time creating and developing an online persona, complete with avatar. I don't RPG much, even though I love adventure games of all kinds. It's just that I have this weird habit of trying to create characters that are basically me, as though my own programming doesn't allow for variations on the original model. Not that I'm a program, mind you. That's just a figure of speech. 

So? Do you? And if you do, what are you like compared to what you're really like? Unless, of course, the online you is more like the real you than the real world you. If you know what I mean.

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