Ultra pranks and ultra reality

I'd almost forgotten about this until somebody commented on a post I had made regarding the following video. In case you haven't seen it, the video in question is done in the spirit of Candid Camera and Just for Laughs, where elaborate gags are set up to catch unsuspecting participants while video cameras roll and capture the resulting hilarity. At least that's the idea.

In the LG Ultra video, a giant HDTV is set up as the 'window' in an office where someone is doing job interviews. Everthing happens pretty normally until the interviewee spots a meteorite crashing into the city beyond. It's chaos and devestation! Horror! Terror! The lights go out! Of course, it's just happening on a large screen but it's so realistic (that's the message, folks) that people fall for it. The end of the world has arrived.

Now I thought this was hilarious. I shared it with people on Google Plus and Facebook. But not everybody thought it was as funny as I did. Right away, people start bringing up the idea of lawsuits, a sad obsession of the American people. "They won't think it's so funny when the lawsuits start rolling in . . . "  Really? Sure, it's probably cruel, but the world's a stage and we're all players; today more so than ever before. Have you stopped to count the number of cameras that record your every move on a typical day? Whether you acknowledge it or not, you're an actor.

Crazy lawsuits aside, I think people are secretly longing for something amazing to happen. I'm not talking about a crazy person with a gun (all too real) but something totally out of the realms of our mundane, day to day existence. Like that kid who waits at the end of the driveway for Robert Barr (aka Mr. Incredible). When asked what he's waiting for, the kid responds, "I don't know. Something amazing, I guess." To which Robert Barr replies, "Yeah, me too." You can watch that clip here below.

I remember going to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas a few years ago. I remember stepping into an elevator and a second or two later, finding myself on the transporter platform of the ST TNG Enterprise. It was awesome! I could not figure out how within 2 seconds, we were <ahem> transported from a small, enclosed elevator, to a large transporter room. The freaking floor and ceiling were different. It was seriously cool. Sally and I went back through the whole thing again, just to see if we could figure out how this transporter 'miracle' occurred.

Which brings me back to the LG commercial. Sure, it would be scary as well, but it's a story you'd be telling for the rest of your life.

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