Medium Rare

When Brenda and her husband, Eric, get together with friends for an evening of conversation, comraderie, and a some pleasant wine, a meander into discussions of the paranormal leads their friend Cliff to suggest a seance.

"Let's contact Harry Houdini," he suggests. It's all good fun and no one really expects that they'll contact the fabled magician, and they don't.

They do, however, establish contact with another intelligence and that contact leads them to a place beyond their confortable suburban existence, to worlds beyond.

You can get MEDIUM RARE in epub or mobi format from your favourite eBook retailer for $1.29 at Kobo or Amazon. Just follow yon friendly links.

Get your copy in DRM-free epub format from Kobo here.
You can pick up a DRM-free mobi format from Amazon here.
Alternatively, you can buy it directly from me, right here, and get both the epub and mobi versions.

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