Giving up on Living on Light

There's a woman named Naveena Shine, who was testing out her particular brand of faith, something called "breatharianism", which purports that humans can live on sunshine. Sure, why the hell not? Apparently, the fact that humans can't photosynthesize isn't part of her faith. She even has her own Website called "Living on Light" where she details her beliefs and the grand experiment, asks for donations, and flogs her books and articles. 

To give her some credit, Ms. Shine was willing to put her belief to the test, and stopped eating. Other than tea with a little milk, she gave up on food. Anyhow, after 47 days, and losing 20% of her body weight, she is calling it quits. She claims that she's quitting because of the negative press and the fact that she is running out of money. Personally, I'm betting she is quitting because just living on sunshine is killing her but that would require her to admit her belief is completely wacky.  

I give her credit for putting her beliefs to the test, but not for lying about her reasons for quitting. What she's essentially saying is, "oh, it works . . . I'm quitting for all these other reasons, not because it's killing me," and that's dishonest to say the least. Surely, not eating is saving a lot of money on groceries. If she has run out of money, how can she possibly afford to go back to eating?

You can read more about Naveena and her failed attempt by clicking here.

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