Nigerian Skype Spam

Cool! I just received your classic Nigerian scam message, this one purportedly  Mr.David MENSAH (not sure why he capitalizes his name), a banker from Ghana, so maybe it's a Ghanaese scam. Anyhow, he is purportedly taking care of the estate of the departed M. Daniel GAGNE (what's with the fargin capitalization?) who wants to make sure that I take care of US $ 18,400,000.00 American dollars.

Yeah, baby! Bring it on! I'm going to be RICH! See I can play this capital letter game too, icehole!

What's cool about this particular scam email is that it came via Skype! My very first every Nigerian, uh, Ghanaese, scam message via Skype. I feel special. And pretty. Oh so pretty.

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