Moving to the Linux Business Desktop

My third book blends the server side knowledge of "Linux System Administration" and introduces the Linux desktop as a complete business solution. It is, in many ways, the sequel to "Linux System Administration" though it was never marketed that way.

From the back cover:

Switch your business to Linux: proven techniques for working IT Professionals

This is the complete technical resource for migrating your business desktops to Linux, administering them efficiently, and using them to drive cost savings throughout your organization. Respected Linux Journal columnist Marcel Gagné walks you step-by-step through planning and managing the transition, getting users up and running, and keeping them happy. Gagné covers hardware, productivity applications, messaging, coexistence with Windows environments, support, and much more. This is also the first book with in-depth coverage of using Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) thin clients to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of computing.

  • Deploy Linux with your existing PCs, printers, and IT/network infrastructure
  • Centrally manage users and security through Webmin's convenient Web interface
  • Deliver reliable email services with Postfix, or integrate Linux mail clients with Microsoft Exchange servers
  • Configure Windows file sharing with Samba, and Linux file sharing with NFS
  • Secure network communications with Linux firewalls and OpenSSH
  • Plan and deploy LTSP thin clients and diskless workstations and the server support for them
  • Provide LDAP directory services to all your clients
  • Support users by "remote control"—without leaving your desk
  • From network security to spam reduction, automated backup/restore to collaboration groupware, Gagné offers specific solutions and proven techniques for leveraging the full power of Linux in your business.

Say goodbye to the expense, hassle, and insecurity of Windows desktops! Say hello to business computing the way it's supposed to be—with Linux!

Get your copy from Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, and many other retailers.

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