The Best Christmas Game Ever

Let me tell you about the best Christmas game ever.  That's actually what it's called, "The Best Christmas Game Ever" (or T.B.C.G.E.) and it comes to  us just in time for Christmas. This game is available for Android tablets as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook (the screenshots here are from the PlayBook). 

So here's how it works. The penguins, who have apparently gotten bored with the South Pole, are about to move into a new hood, the North Pole. Or maybe they're just branching out. Who knows? It sounds like a good move, but there is one catch. His name is Santa. 

No problem; the penguins decide to steal all of Santa's Christmas gifts so that Santa is discredited, loses his job, and leaves the North Pole in disgrace.

Except Sanda won't have any of it. He hops aboard his sleigh and charges forward on a desperate mission to collect up all the gifts so that he can get them back into his magic sack and deliver them in time for Christmas. This Christmas. To foil the penguins' plan, he will need your help.

Playing is easy. No tilding here. Just tap the right and left hand side of the tablet to switch from one track to another. Careful though, you actually don't want to hit any penguins, who are racing in the other direction, collecting the presents you are trying to retrieve. Running over them, aside from being very unSanta-like, slows you down and presents fall off the sleigh. Ditto with trees. Collect 20 presents in a row without hitting anything and you get a speed boost.

While scooting along collecting gifts, Santa sings a rather strange version of Jingle Bells. In fact, the jolly old elf sounds a little drunk, but it's good fun and very Christmassy. A perfect run gets you a bonus I haven't seen yet (apparently, I crash too much). Collect 200 or more presents and you get double bonus score. Sweet!

It's fast, wicked easy to play, and it's fun. Oh, and after you've played for a few minutes, you'll be singing "Dashing through the snow" like you're drunk, too!

So get your copy of The Best Christmas Game Every from Google Play or BlackBerry AppWorld. T.B.C.G.E. is crafted by Atomicom.

Merry Christmas!

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