When News Isn’t

I thought of calling this entry, "Website annoyance number 3147 . . . or thereabouts." as opposed to the title that actually made it.

I hate, hate, hate 'News' sites that don't put a date on their stories; the result is less than worthless. How in tarnation is anyone supposed to know if it's news or something from three years ago? Sure, you've got today's date at the top of your fracking Website, but I can figure that one out for myself (there's a little clock and calendar at the bottom of my screen and it's synchronized to an atomic clock) and it still doesn't tell me anything as to the age of your purported 'news'. 

It's particularly annoying when I start reading the story and it says, "Yesterday, we heard about the most incredibly momentous event in the history of our species, and possibly all intelligent life in the cosmos, when Dr. Fitzwalllabingbang found that ripples in the sub . . . " and so on. 

When the heck was yesterday?!

While looking through my newsfeeds, I saw a story teaser about the birth of the world's first GM babies, something that certainly sounds interesting. So I decided to follow the link. It was to the Mail Online, a UK newspaper. Here's a screenshot from the site.

It says the news was revealed last night, but there's no way to tell when last night was. And why is this story in the Sports section? 

To be fair, I'm using the Mail Online as an example, but they aren't the only guilty party by any stretch of the imagination. I see this all the time. They just happen to be the one I visited last, the one that broke the proverbial camel's back. The last strawn in a long line of straw bales stacked along the information superhighway.

Care to share any other annoying examples? Leave a comment.

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