A Sure Fire Cure For Breast Cancer!

There's been a lot written these past few days about the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling its support from Planned Parenthood and their cancer screeing program; they did this purportedly to appease sensitive right-wing religious fundamentalist Christians who think it's okay to kill people, just so long as it's not before the child is born. Every sperm is sacred and all that.

This whole thing has been a public relations nightmare for the Susan G. Komen Foundation who decided to try to deflect the volley of verbal ballistics by donning a PR flack jacket by teaming up with Discount Gun Sales to sell pink handguns.

Yeah, I though it was a joke too. But the brains at Susan G. Komen Foundation arranged to sell these oh-so-cute Walther P-22 Hope Edition handguns to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Only $429.99 U.S.

Yep, nothing says "save lives" like a handgun.  I guess the suggestion is that shooting women with breast cancer is a sure fire cure!

Get it? Sure fire!

I know. I didn't laugh either.

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