My Car Is Pure Concentrated Evil

Can a car be evil? Or posessed? Or just plain prone to bad luck? Because I own that car. It's not Christine-evil (as in the Stephen King story). More of a junior kindergarten Christine. A Chrissy perhaps.

I bought my 1997 Honda Accord used with amazingly low kilometers on the odometer and, for the price I paid, it seemed like an amazingly good deal at the time. It was a nice car and it drove well, but something dark lurked inside the engine. Or the side panels. Or in the transmission. I can't be sure of the exact location of this darkness, but it has to be there somewhere.

In the six years I've owned this car, it has been in six accidents, none of which I've caused (amazingly). In 4 of the cases, I wasn't even there. The first was a demolished headlight and shattered bumper. Someone hit the car in a parking lot while Sally, who was driving it, was inside shopping. They drove away without advertising their guilt. 

Number two was a smashed front bumper, again in a parking lot, while someone pulled out of their space. I had leant the car to my son's sitter. Number three was a massive side scrape as someone in a hurry to exit the highway tried to pull a high-speed pass rather than merging carefully into traffic. Number four was another parking lot accident. Minor bumper damage. Number five was interesting because I was stopped at a red light. The person behind me decided to turn right, without stopping, apparently looked right and left, but never ahead. If he had looked directly ahead, he would have noticed either the stopped car or the red light.

Well, it has happened again (today being the sixth). Before I get into details, know that no one was hurt and my boys just looked a little confused. I think I did the palm to forehead thing (there's still a red mark there).

I had pulled in to the school parking lot, just in front of the 'handicapped' spot in front of my kid's day care. There was one car behind me and another in front, three rows up from the handicapped spot, pulling out. So I couldn't move and I wasn't moving. While I waited for this person to maneuver our of his/her spot, the black car in the handicapped spot pulled out, without looking back, and smashed into my front passenger side bumper.

My bumper is broken in a half dozen spots while his car suffers not even a scratch.

We exchange information, phone numbers, etc. I take pictures of his car and license and I get the kids to their respective classes.

Once again, not at all my fault. Add another accident to the demon car. My calendar says Wednesday but it feels very much like a Monday.

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