Kobo VOX

The Kobo Vox eReader is a departure from the classic e-paper devices in that it's a full-fledged Android tablet. 

It turns on with just a touch; used as I am to the classic Android power-on, I kept holding down the power button, waiting for the 'buzz' that signals activation. For a moment, I wondered if it was actually working.

To get started, the VOX goes into a 4 step setup. To begin with, it goes goes into WiFi setup, letting you scan for a Wireless network. Touch Next and you are asked if you with to check for updates. This is recommended so touch the "Check Now" button. While it's downloading updates, make sure it stays  connected to power (or that it's fully charged) since the update should not be interrupted. Once the image download is complete, the device needs to restart. 

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