TSA! TSA! Let’s get naked for the TSA!

Been body-scanned lately? Looking forward to your nakedness being displayed for those fine people doing security checks at the airport? How about a little groping of your private parts?

Fondle your naughty bits, Guv'ner? Shall we see if those breasts are real, Deary?

It seems that while the U.S. Transport Security Agency is busy *ahem* checking you out, they may be getting more than a little distracted. Guess it depends on who you're fondling, er, uhm, I mean, padding down. Whatever the reason for their distraction, TSA apparently lets things like 12 inch razor blades pass right through the checkpoints onto the planes. It happened to Adam Savage of Mythbuster's fame as he explains in the following video (courtesy of CNet's Technically Incorrect).

Meanwhile, the TSA continues to strip search and fondle people's private parts in the name of international security. To get around the problem of unwanted fondling, some clever passengers have found ways around the whole *cough* sticky mess. Like this young lady, one Corrine Theile, who decided to strip down to her bikini to show that she had nothing to hide. Let's see airport security try to claim they needed a further 'pat down' search to see what she might be hiding under the bikini.

You've got to admire the TSA though. They managed to take what used to be a crime, sexual harassment and indecent assault, and turn it into something that's being done for our own good. To protect us against terrorists, no less. One wonders how much longer it will be before pat downs turn into full vaginal and rectal exams.

Ah, airport security used to be such a dull job. On the other hand, thinking about the kind of people who are putting in applications these days is enough to give you nightmares.

Hey! Maybe we should all just turn up at the airport wearing our birthday suits. We're almost there anyhow. And it will save time at check-in. Let's all get naked for the  TSA. Come on. Say it with me.

TSA! TSA! Let's get naked for the TSA!

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