Bad Stuff About Facebook, But Not What You Think

I'm going to start this Ubuntu-User blog entry with an apology combined with a bit of an explanation. I'm going to talk about Facebook. Yes, me too — I'm sorry.You all know what Facebook is, of course.With nearly 3 out of ever 4 intelligent beings in the known universe having their own Facebook page, it's a social networking behemoth. Facebook is so cool and so popular, everyone has either done it, is doing it, or plans on doing it. But a cursory scan of the news will tell you that it's not all rosy for Facebook.

Everywhere you turn today, there's a news story about how evil Facebook is, specifically when it comes to their (ahem, alleged) disregard for privacy and the sanctity of their users' personal space. If you are at all curious about what you are sharing without knowing, check out Openbook. It's difficult for individuals to protect their personal information or make any kind of change to their security settings. Famous faces from the book are shouting "Enough!" and cancelling their Facebook accounts. Quitting, as it turns out, is not as easy as it sounds; Facebook makes it very difficult to delete your account. Consequently, there are sites and posts telling you what you have to do to quit Facebook, and it isn't easy, so pay attention to those guides if you want to leave. Meanwhile, be very careful about saying bad things about Facebook oryou could get banned from the site, as happened to a radio station that dared link to Leo Laporte'ssayonara Facebook show. The way Facebook is treating negative comments and bad press, you'd think they were Apple.

Kidding. Sort of. But I digress . . .

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