Cloudy Days On Planet *buntu

I’d like to begin by apologizing for the complete lack of controversy in today’s post. I appreciate your understanding in this difficult time when I am finding it hard to really get upset about anything. But I digress.

Pick up issue #2 of Ubuntu User magazine, open it to page 16, and you’ll find an article titled "Cloud View" (by yours truly), the focus of which is Canonical’s new offering, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. You’ll find stories hyping this for the upcoming release of Karmic Koala (a mere 14 days away as I write this) but the framework, or a technical preview thereof, was available in Ubuntu 9.04. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has partnered with Eucalyptus Systems, a company that has created an open source implementation of Amazin’s EC2, or Elastic Cloud Services.

I mention this now for a couple of reasons. One is that I’m going to chat a little more about cloud computing. The second reason is that a lot has already changed since the release of my article in Ubuntu User #2.

Read the whole story on the Ubuntu User Website.

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