Removing the dreaded ‘Read More’ Link

When creating stories in Drupal, or posts of any kind, you run across an annoying little default. It’s the dreaded Read more link.

The link is obviously a good idea, though people do complain about where the link appears. Where it becomes dreaded is with short posts, like this one. You can control where the link appears by putting in a break in your story (a <!–break–> does the job nicely). However, regardless of where you put the story break, if your post is a short one, you get a Read more link even if the break is the last thing in the post. What that means is that visitors to your site wind up clicking the link only to discover there’s nothing else to see. Well, here’s how you fix this annnoyance.

Click Administer, then Post Settings. One of the settings you’ll see is a drop down box labeled "Length of trimmed posts". The default is 600 characters. Change that to "Unlimited" and save the settings. The only catch now, is that if you created your short story before making this change, you’ll need to go in, edit the story (you don’t need to change anything) and save it. The "Read more" link will be no more.


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