The Wines of 2000

Way back in 2000, I really didn’t think Cooking with Linux would last as long as it did. In fact, when Marjorie Richardson (Linux Journal’s Editor in Chief at the time) originally asked me if I could do a regular column (after the success of the September 1999 column), I actually said, “Well, let me do it for six months and see how it goes.” It went rather well.

Still, way back when, I didn’t suggest specific wines. I just sent my faithful waiter off to fetch the wine. Later, I started mentioning individual varietals and later, specific bottles I enjoyed. But this is 2008 and you might find it interesting to see how things worked back then. Mes amis, I present you with the wine list for 2000.

  • From January 2000 to March 2000, I had François fetch wine, but there was no mention of what kind of wine.
  • The April 2000 issue is the first issue where I suggested a wine. Not so much a suggestion as a mention of a particular wine type. In this case, a Chablis.
  • May 2000; I had François bring up a 1982 Margaux. It was marvellous, by the way.
  • June 2000; back to a generic wine
  • July 2000; generic ‘wine’ again
  • August 2000; François brings up the Dom Perignon
  • September 2000; a wonderful Châteauneuf-du-Pape
  • October 2000; a superb 1995 Montrachet.
  • November 2000; I had François bring up a 1989 Pomerol from the cellar
  • December 2000; I felt a 1982 Pauillac would be an excellent choice

    A votre santé! Bon appétit!

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