SolarWolf : Marcel’s Linux Game of the Month

Harken back with me, faithful reader, to the days of yore. Yea and verily, I speak of the days of video arcades, when a quarter of a dollar would buy you frantic minutes whereupon you, as humanity's only hope, were called upon to protect the earth from invading, marauding, aliens.

Why were the aliens attacking?

If one who could enter the alien psyche then perhaps we might catch a glimmer. Alas, time, and survival, are of the essence. And if you manage to avoid the aliens and their erratic firing patterns, there are also asteroids and other assorted space hazards to contend with. Keep moving, keep firing, and Godspeed, mighty warrior of Earth!

If the above sounds a little strange, then head over to yon friendly URL for a little clarification, where has just published a new game article by yours truly.

Aliens, power cubes, asteroids, death and destruction in the vacuum of space . . . what's not to like?

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