Live tonight on Computer America : Linux and Games!

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to talk Linux on the Computer America radio show. Join me tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern time (7:00 PM Pacific) for an hour of Linux talk. Tonight, forget about work. I mean it! It’s an hour of Linux games, games under Linux, native games, ported games, kid’s games, grown-up games, and Windows games running under Linux.

As usual, I want to emphasize that this is a live show with live callers and that is an invitation to you, mes amis. If you want to be on the air, just dial, toll free, 866-606-8255 (that’s 606-TALK) anytime during the show. It would be just fantastic to get some of you on the air tonight!!

Computer America goes out to some 200 stations across the United States. You can listen to the show on streaming audio or live on local radio stations across the United States who carry the Computer America radio program. To find a station near you or to listen online, click yon link.

There’s also a Java chat page available so you can take part in the live show and ask questions. Just follow this link to chat with other listeners. MP3s of the show will be made available soon afterwards. I’ll post those on my Website sometime tomorrow.

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