Want to see a whole bunch of Linux desktops?

Many of the people on this list (your host included) like to try out different Linux distributions. It’s not enough that the one we are using works, we still want to see what the other ones look like. If you’re mostly curious about the look and feel, it turns out that there’s a Website where you can view screen capture video clips of tons of default Linux desktop installations.

Want to see what GoblinX Linux looks like? They’ve got it. How about BLAG Linux? Yep, they’ve got that too. How about Foresight Linux? Gentoo? Edubuntu? SUSE 10.1? Those too.

Check out Linclips at yon friendly URL for all the fun (note the clips require Flash).

It’s a great little time waster for the Linux nut (or lugnut).

— Marcel

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