Linux server market grows 36% in Canada; Windows 27%

Quick entry that makes me think of a blog entry of mine from a little while ago. It falls into the good news for Linux though I’m sure it could be made to sound bad with a little work [ insert appropriate smiley here ]. Anyhow, according to a tiny little ZDNet blog entry, RedNova News has a story that IDC Canada reported that the Linux server market in Canada grew more than 36% in the 2003-2004 period. In comparison, the Windows server market grew some 27%.

Wow! Talk about your complex trackbacks. Sounds a lot like “I know somebody who knows somebody who knows a friend who has met Queen Elizabeth’s butler’s nephew.”

While I found the story on ZDNet, the RedNova article is where you’ll find the real details. It’s quite interesting really and I discovered some Linux VARs in this area that I didn’t even know existed.

— Marcel

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