Same story, very different take.

It’s a spin doctor’s world. Take any information, no matter how positive and somebody will turn it around to make it sound negative. This seems especially true when it comes to Linux. Case in point . . .

Check out this article by Heise online titled Linux server revenue continues to grow at double-digit pace which proudly proclaims that Linux server sales continue to grow at a double digit pace for the 11th consecutive quarter (“According to IDC about 10 percent of that revenue was generated by the Linux server business, which grew year over year by 35 percent and has now posted its eleventh consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.”)

Wow! Ten percent of all server revenue and 35 percent year over year growth for Linux servers!

Not so fast. Let’s look at exactly the same story take from another angle. This story from titled Windows wipes floor with Linux gives the same facts but pontificates that “Windows is taking the server OS market by storm – and Linux has no hope of catching it, according to market researcher IDC.” Despite the fact that Windows server “revenues and unit shipments grew 12.3 per cent and 10.7 per cent respectively”.

Fascinating . . .

— Marcel

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