Moving to the Linux Business Desktop slide presentation

Today was day one of the LinuxWorld Canada Expo in Toronto. This three day
event takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The first day is primarily tutorials and presentations of various kinds. It’s the academic side of the expo while tomorrow and Wednesday is the marketing. That’s when the show floor opens up and companies start showing off all their really cool stuff.

Today, I did a three hour tutorial based on my “Moving to the Linux Business Desktop” book. As part of the tutorial, I sent up a (GASP!) Powerpoint presentation (made with OpenOffice, of course) to be included in the show CD. For whatever reason, it never made it. Anyhow, in the class that day, I promised to make the presentation I created available on my Web site and here it is in the aforementioned ppt format.

Now, this was done in OpenOffice 2.0 (beta) so the original is in ODP format.

For those using OpenOffice, version 1.X, here it is in SXI format.

If you wish, you can also get it in Shockwave Flash format.

To all the people who were there today, thank you very much for coming. You were all great.

— Marcel

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