Marcel’s Science Fiction and Fantasy

Marcel is an award-winning technical author. While most of his writing tends to lean toward computer-related stuff (okay, so the vast majority is computer-related), he has been known to write and publish (and edit) some great science fiction and fantasy.

His first SF short story, titled "Paper", was published in the winter 1994 edition of ON SPEC: The Canadian Magazine of Speculative Fiction. Number two appeared in a new anthology of young adult fiction from Tundra (McLelland & Stewart).   Look for it as What if . . . ?  Amazing Stories selected by Monica Hughes. Yes, you can read that one to your kids and teens. In fact, What if . . . ? was chosen as a CBC 4 KIDS recommended title.

The most recently published piece of fiction goes back to spring 2002; you can check out "The Word Unspoken" in "Tales from the Wonder Zone: Explorer" edited by Julie Czerneda and published by Trifolium Books. Incidentally, Spicy Green Iguana reviewed Explorer and said this about my story.

"The Word Unspoken by Marcel G. Gagne is a brilliant and gripping piece of xenolinguistic puzzle- solving that grows out of archaeology."

Somewhere in his closet, his first novel is gathering dust waiting for the day when he has the courage to look at it again. In the meantime, he's busy with the second novel which he'll tell you is much better. 

That's professional publication. He has published several short shorts on the Internet (some of it he proudly admits to being fluff and nonsense!) and gotten paid what publishing your own stuff on the Internet usually pays. In case you are curious, here are some of those short shorts. 

Marcel (and his lovely and talented wife, Sally) were also the editors and publishers of Transversions, an excellent magazine (and later, anthology) of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and poetry. In addition to TransVersions, Marcel was the French reader for Tesseracts 6, responsible for choosing the French submissions that would later appear in that anthology.

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