Creating Virtual Worlds for Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs is a completely open source social VR experience that allows you to build your own worlds, craft avatars, have meetings, watch videos together, and more. Here’s where it gets really exciting. HUBS doesn’t require a VR headset. You can access it from any desktop, using a Web browser. In fact, people joining a HUBS session can interact with people using phones, tablets, laptops, or virtual reality headsets. To those who use headsets, the browser sessions look as though they are also participating in the VR experience. I invited a friend of mine to join me in a world I had created and sent him the Hubs link. I went in with my Oculus Quest while he came in with the browser on his phone, and I didn’t even realize it. That’s pretty cool.

Hubs also provides a number of tools for creating worlds to suit your individual needs, whether business or entertainment, and for creating custom avatars. The world creation tool, which also works directly in your browser, is called Spoke. The tool has a nice tutorial to get you started. From the Spoke world builder, you can import Google Poly models, Sketchfab, and other models, sound and light elements, video links, and more. If you’re curious, click to check out a simple world I created using Spoke.

The post image shows the tool in action, as I build Dr. Sinister’s Crater Lair. 

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