“My God Is better than your God” is going to get us all killed.

"My God is better than your God" is going to get us all killed. Surely, if there is a God, and his primary desire is that we are good people who lead good lives, then surely he does not require us to go through these mindless repetitive rituals, fawning over him like an insecure child. If there is a God, then surely he's not so petty that he's constantly worrying about whether Boris, or Ahmed, or Joe are praying in precisely the right manner, or whether Ayan or Naomi or Marsha are having sex in precisely the right way. If …

AI Revisited

The tech futurists have made their annual predictions and I hear that 2017 is going to be the year of the AI virtual assistant. You know . . . Alexa, Google Home, and Zuckerberg's Jarvis. Chatbots are also on the agenda, appearing everywhere from messaging apps like Kik or Allo to Google's new Pixel assistant. That's why this episode of "Cooking With Linux" is all about artificial intelligence and how far we've come. This episode is also about a great old movie that lends its heroine's to one of the original chatbots. Shall we talk?