Who’s Your Avatar, Baby?

After I have my lunch, I usually exercise for a few minutes while watching something on Netflix that Sally isn't going to watch with me anyhow; like The Guild which, as it turns out, is completely awesome. Kind of makes me wonder how I've never watched it before. But, as I often do, I digress . . . well, not really since I'm kind of still on the same subject even if it does seem like I wandered off.  Anyhow, I can usually get a couple thousand steps on my Fitbit while I walk and watch, which probably means I'd be awesome …

Flying Zombies!

Want to see a zombie fly? Well now you can! I have a Pocketmine server running on a Linux server where, from time to time, I've seen the "not yet implemented" zombies take to the air. In this video, I try, successfully, to create the conditions that set them moving. You will believe a zombie can fly!