Swearing in Quebec is Blasphemy!

I was born in Chicoutimi, Quebec and raised in the French Canadian province until I was 9, when we moved to Ontario and I learned to speak English as well. Brought up as a French Canadian, I love this article I found in the Montreal Gazette, not for the political event that spawned it (I don't actually know the event) but for the discussion on swearing in Quebec. French Quebec, to be specific.

On some strange level, it explains a great deal. To English speaking people, swearing means making references to sexual body parts or sexual activities which, frankly, makes little sense to the French Canadian mind. We shake our heads and wonder why you English types are so hung up with sex and how "fucké" (fucked up) could possibly constitute swearing.

In Quebec, swearing is all about blasphemy. You have to think religiously, sort of, string a bung of religious terms together, and spit them out with disdain. Like the following . . . 

"Baptême! Ostie de câlisse, que tu me rend fâché en tabernac!"

Translation, "Baptism! Holy wafer or holy chalice, but you make make me angry in tabernacle!" In English, it doesn't sound that bad, but trust me, you say that to someone in Quebec and they'll know you're pissed.

Read the article and enjoy a little taste of Quebec blasphemy!

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