Making the breast mandatory

Apparently, new mothers in New York who want to use formula instead of breastfeeding will have to sign out the infant formula like a prescription. 

Choosing to breastfeed, and for most women in the civilized world, is just that, a choice. Children who are fed infant formula still grow up big and strong. In fact, at least initially, they generally grow bigger and stronger than their breastfed peers. Eventually, the breast fed kids catch up.

For many women, breastfeeding can be difficult, or painful, or damn near impossible. Making it harder for them to choose not to breastfeed doesn't help them.

What people forget, especially those who are passionate about breastfeeding (you know who you are), is that whether or not it's better for the child, bringing up baby isn't just about the baby. If the mother isn't healthy, or she's stressed out about not being able to adequately feed her child, the baby isn't going to do well either. It's about mother and child, not just child.

If you want to breastfeed, great. If you want to educate people on the benefits of breastfeeding, great. Do so. But don't put the formula under lock and key. Don't make new mothers feel like trash because they'd rather use formula. That's just plain mean. And it's just not right.

To read all about it at the Huffington Post, click here.


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