Asimo Gets An Upgrade

As I write these words, I am also vacuuming the floor. In a manner of speaking. My Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner is actually doing the work. In that sense, in a few minutes, I will be washing my kitchen floor. Well, my Scooba floor washing robot will be doing the job but I still have to put in the cleaning solution and press the button.

I love robots. If I could get a lawn mowing robot or a snow removal robot (albeit one that I could afford), I would be in line for one right now. 

Meanwhile, in another part of the robosphere, Honda has upgraded Asimo, its amazing humanoid robot. You may have noticed that while many people (such as myself) have adopted robots and invited them into our homes, humanoid robots are still pretty rare.

I believe the reason, cost aside, is that we want our robots to do things for us, like vacuum the carpet and wash the floor. Honda groks this now, as the following video demonstrates. They have upgraded Asimo to perform the task . . . THE TASK . . . for which we have all been waiting. Asimo now has the ability to pour and serve alcoholic drinks. Hey Honda, how much for that humanoid robot in the window?

Enjoy! And cheers!

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