Virtual Book Launch, Friday, August 18

This coming Friday, August 18th, my new book, "Moving to Ubuntu Linux", will be officially released. For those lucky ones who will be at LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco, that date might be as early as Thursday as they are planning on having copies to launch the book at LWE. Since I can't make the launch of my book in San Francisco (sniff), I thought it might be fun to do a Virtual Book Launch on Friday.Join me in the #wftlchat IRC channel any time during the day on Friday for a casual WFTL-LUG get-together and launch of Moving to Ubuntu. Connect to the IRC server at using your favorite IRC client or use the Java chat client on my site. That link should work with any Java enabled Web browser and you will be automatically connected to the #wftlchat channel. If you use the Java client, you'll be logged in as Anonymous or some flavor thereof. To change your nickname to something else, type the following in the message line.

   /nick newnick

Where "newnick" is your new nickname. I look forward to seeing you there on Friday.

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