Linuxworld Expo Canada video

Hello everyone,

Yes, I know I’ve promised a write-up of my day at Linuxworld Expo in Toronto (which happened last week) and I’ll have something up today, but . . . in the meantime, I have something else for you.

Check out this link for a video I put together of the event (just over 10.5 meg). I took this footage using my Sony Handicam so the original is high quality digital video but I shrunk it to something that makes more sense for the Web. The command I used to do that (for the curious out there) is as follows.

ffmpeg -i LWE-Canada2005.mpeg -s qcif

LWE-Canada2005.mpeg is what I called the original export from digital video. It ran a total of 170.5 Meg. The DV files themselves were 1.3 Gig.


— Marcel

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