Linux and the WFTL-LUG . . . truly international.

I run a mailing list called the WFTL-LUG. It is made up of readers, fans, and other Linux enthusiasts. On a whim, I decided to list the member e-mail addresses and look up any top level domain codes (.com, .br, .uk, etc) that I didn’t immediately know.

The majority of members are from the United States with Canadian members being the second largest group. That said, we also have representative members from a number of contries around the world. Here’s the list in no particular order (well, the US and Canada are first only because I mentioned them a second ago).

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Federal State of Micronesia, Japan, Austria, Pakistan, Brazil, Spain, France, Portugal, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Zambia, Singapore, Belarus, Mexico, Netherlands, India, Turkey, Sweden, Cuba, Russia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Cyprus, and Thailand.

There may be others hidden behind .com, .net, or .org domains that I can’t account for in my list, but as you can see, this is a pretty varied bunch. I’m frankly immensely proud to see such a powerful representation of countries and cultures. I also find it fascinating that despite all these disparate backgrounds, we all managed to find a topic of interest that unites us.

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