Mucking About, Part Deux

I obviously still can’t shake this whole site redesign madness and I obviously haven’t given up on content management software. So far, I’ve installed two such systems on my server. This site, running Drupal, is one of the options I’m considering. The second site exercise is this one running Mambo. Both have their pluses and minuses and neither is perfect but I’ll likely settle on one at some point.

The downside of any CMS that I can think of is one of performance. Doing database lookups to serve web pages is nowhere near as efficient at providing static pages. Maybe I need to go back to Grand Salmar Station, a web content management system that Sally and I designed almost four years ago. When you use the interface to generate content, it creates static pages which then get served up. It’s a great idea with the only catch being that it needs some serious thematic redesign. As great as the software beneath might be, it looks a bit amateurish.

Last night, I was a guest on the Linux Link Tech Show. You can listen to an archive of the webcast/podcast at this address. It was good fun . . . just hanging out and talking about Linux, desktops, and the odd bit of non-related silliness. It’s a good show and I’d recommend that people visit the site and listen to the shows every Wednesday night.

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